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                DB4B Up to 25 Watts, Ex d(e), Weatherproof
                • DB4B Up to 25 Watts, Ex d(e), Weatherproof
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                The DB4B is a high power explosion proof loudspeaker, introduced as a replacement for the current DB4 with improved intelligibility and acoustic performance. Certified for use in a wide range of temperatures (from -55ºC to +70ºC) the Ex enclosure is manufactured from GRP with a rugged thermoplastic flare providing a corrosion free and aesthetically pleasing product.
                The frequency response of the unit ensures that critical voice messages and general alarm tones are highly intelligible. The specific SPL figure for sensitivity is 1W @ 1m is 113dB whilst at 1m the 25W unit produces 127dB, the 15W unit 125dB and the 8W unit 123dB.
                Options include DC blocking capacitors for monitored systems, resettable fuses for compliance with marine regulations and a swivel bracket that gives the installer greater flexibility when positioning the unit. The short flare option is a worthy addition to the range offering a high SPL and wide dispersion angle in a compact unit.

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