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                Camera Station EX286
                • Camera Station EX286
                • ???
                • ??????????

                HERNIS?? EX Series are highly advanced process and surveillance camera stations that are certified to meet worldwide explosion proof environments. The EX286 is DNV Type approved, meaning it has been tested for operation in the most demanding locations, withstanding physical environmental challenges like vibration, humidity, extreme temperature variations and corrosion from the Arctic to the Sahara. Rated to IP 66 the camera station certifies protection from high-pressure water from any direction, including green sea, guaranteeing no harmful effects.
                Equipped with state-of-the-art features the EX286 delivers world renowned reliability. The EX286 combines pan/tilt, camera and Junction Box in one compact component able to withstand the harshest of environments and requires no maintenance. A compact footprint and proficient system components allow for ease of installation and configuration. A single cable is sufficient to transmit data, power and video, routed directly to the control cabinet, eliminating the need for additional junction box equipment.
                The high quality 316L Stainless Steel electro polished EX286 guarantees a balanced centre of gravity, ensuring minimal wear and tear on machined parts, and maximum resilience to environmental exposure and direct sunlight, avoiding heat absorption. Low power consumption combined with a reflective surface has resulted in the lowest surface temperature classification possible, i.e. T6. The smooth surface is practically maintenance free.
                The EX286??s pan/tilt, zoom, focus, iris, wiper functions are all automatic or manual, at any time to assure maximum accuracy and control. This camera station will quickly focus on a predefined object or area by utilizing the preset position feature. 100 positions are at your fingertips and will allow the operator to alternate between areas, processes or objects rapidly.
                The fact that HERNIS is a complete systems supplier ensures that our camera stations have long design life and lifetime factory support*. The EX286 is designed to accept future software upgrade and diagnostics, remotely. The camera station may be used with any of the HERNIS control systems. Its reliability has been proven in thousands of Oil and Gas CCTV installations, worldwide. HERNIS products?? long life cycle and low maintenance contributes to a minimal environmental impact so vital in today??s global awareness.
                *24 hour technical support line available for documented systems.

                EX certified for Zone 1 (gas group IIC) and Zone 21 (dust)
                DNV Type Approved
                Well balanced, compact unit
                Automatic Day/Night function
                IR sensitive
                Internal cabling
                Integrated Exe junction box
                Integrated Wiper (EX286W)
                Washer Pump & Tank (optional)
                Scratch proof, tempered glass
                Sunshield (EX286W standard)
                Thermoelectric heating
                Tropical Sunshield (optional)
                Audio (optional)
                Auto focus with manual override
                Auto iris with manual override
                Multi-cable accommodated
                Designed to accept future software upgrades remotely

                Purpose-built and resilient
                Reduced environmental foot print
                Easy Installation
                No maintenance
                Field Serviceable
                No exposed cabling
                Accurate positioning
                Long design life

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